– Happy Customers

Posted by Kelly, April 24, 2016

Overall rating Excellent *****

We were worried our son would lose his intermediate license after a second infraction. We were able to get the court date continued until close to his 18th birthday, then was able to get it dismissed altogether. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs an attorney.

– Thank You

Posted by George, March 28, 2016

Overall rating Excellent *****

Represented my daughter in a very professional manner during her order for involuntary mental health treatment hearing. She won her right to be treated in an outpatient status. Her dedication to my daughter’s case proves that she is the consumate legal professional.

– Thank you!

Posted by Jesus, March 2016

Overall rating Excellent *****

I would recommend this attorney to anyone I know. I received a reckless driving ticket and she was able to dismiss my charges, as well as settling the case so I wouldn’t have anything on my record. She is genuine, professional, and was always there whenever I needed assistance or had any questions. You don’t have to look any further for a better criminal defense attorney, because she is the one you should give a call to.

– Responsive

Posted by Deborah, July 2015

Overall rating Excellent

Very responsive to my request to address the courts in my behalf regarding speeding tickets.she is responsible in price and honest. Highly recommend her.

–  Changing Needs

Posted by Bonnie, June 2015

Overall rating Excellent *****

I needed an attorney to assist me with what started out as (what I thought was) a traffic ticket for my grandson. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the “fine print” and when she got the police report and the actual citation, turns out there was a criminal charge also. In spite of changing situations and our being on a tight schedule due to school and summer commitments, was able to navigate several issues all at once. The result was only one trip to court, instead of two, and a very positive outcome for a young man who is able to move on with his summer plans after learning several important lessons. Always articulated all possible outcomes, both best-case scenario and worst-case, and kept me informed of the steps she was taking through the process. The outcome definitely fell in the “best-case scenario” class. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any legal issues as she not only knows the law, she knows the people and processes locally to make navigating the legal system much less intimidating.

–  Excellent Attorney

Posted by a Stephen, June 2015

Overall rating Excellent *****

This lawyer has helped me out with every single thing I’ve asked for and more. I highly recommend her over all other lawyers anywhere. She is very honest and professional at what she does and very time efficient. i am extremely satisfied with her services and getting me through my cases.

– Responsive, Knowledgable

Posted by a Dan, June 2015

Overall rating Excellent *****

Was very helpful in getting my record cleared after a recent arrest. She was prompt, responsive and genuinely seemed to care. I didn’t feel like she was juggling a hundred other clients.

– Dismissal

Posted by a client, April 2015

Overall rating Excellent   *****

No need to look any further for a good lawyer ! You have found her. She is as impressive as her resume. Dismissal on a domestic violence case in less than two months. Great work, Thanks !

–  Thank you

Posted by a criminal defense client, January 2015

Overall rating Excellent   *****
Thank you so much, you handled yourself like a true professional throughout our families case. My nephew who has several disabilities, received nothing but compassion, and your devoted legal expertise. Our family appreciates everything you did for us, we are truly in your debt . Thank you

–  Thank You!

Posted by a criminal defense client, January 2015

Overall rating Excellent   *****
Our family has had no previous experiences requiring legal representation. She understood that what effects one effects all of our family, especially when it concerned a young client with less obvious disabilities than the norm. She was approachable, sensitive to the challenges a young client might have, informative and very patient with our questions and lack of understanding the legal processes. Listening is also a good quaility for an attorney. I would recommend her as legal counsel for anyone who desires an attorney who will represent the best interests of her client in the courtroom as well as during preparation for trial.

–  “Great Experience”

Posted by a criminal defense client, November 2014

Overall rating Excellent   *****
Kept me informed of any court date, never had to show up for court therefor didn’t have to take time off work, will definitely recommend Christine Bennett to anyone I may know to take their case . Thank you

–  Theft case found Not Guilty

Posted by a criminal defense client, July 2014

Overall rating Excellent   *****
Was very helpful with my case that produced the best possible outcome. She was knowledgeable and provided me with as much information as possible throughout the entire case. It involved an accusation by the City of Kennewick for theft. The outcome was NOT GUILTY.

–   Got Results & Got them Quickly

Posted by Jeffrey, a Domestic Violence client, March 2014

Overall rating Excellent   *****
It was the perfect outcome for a bad situation.  I was impressed that we could get all charges dropped, even though there was almost no time for review.  It was great that we could get everything taken care  of so quickly, wish I would’ve gone straight to her instead of applying for a court-appointed attorney.  I would use her services again, as well as recommend her to anyone else going to be dealing with the court systems.

–  Extremely helpful and gets the best possible outcome

Posted by a DUI client, February, 2014

Overall rating Excellent   *****
My dad contacted on taking care of two outstanding warrants.  Not only did she get the job done affordably she was able to allow me to get the treatment i needed for my susbtance abuse problem and saved me  from doing an extra year!  She is direct and doesnt give false hopes.  Awesome job.

–  Neglegent II Ticket

Posted by Criminal Defense client, November, 2013

Overall rating Excellent   *****
I was involved in a four vehicle accident, I received a Negligent II ticket, because I was the last vehicle in line.  It was the easiest wa for the state trooper to deal with it.  Showed the judge rather quickly that it was a sloppy police report, and the judge dropped the ticket immediately.  Court lasted maybe 2 mints.

–  Good job

Posted by Joy, a Criminal Defense client, November, 2013

Overall rating Excellent   *****
My son was charged with first degree felony
Theft a crime he did not do.we didn’t have
Much money to pay up front christine worked out
Payment arrangements so we could afford
A good defense and she worked hard to get
Everything dropped and she did I would hire her again

– Excellent service

Posted by Ivan, a Traffic client, October, 2013.

Overall rating Excellent   *****
Very Happy with the service provided. Excellent communication and had the best result in my case. Was a pleasure working with our attorney. She was able to resolve my case very efficiently had no moving violation nor any court fine for my traffic infraction. It was done at a very affordable price. Thank you very much.

– She and her staff bring solid integrity and a willingness to help to the table…

Posted by Eric, a Traffic client, October, 2013.

Overall rating Excellent   *****
From the first email to the completion of my traffic case, Christine was very attentive to details, listened to my needs and took the time to keep me informed all the way. Christine came highly recommended from several other folks at my work and she did not disappoint.

–  Reliable, knowledgeable and thorough advocate!

Posted by Rebecca, a Child Support client, July, 2013.

Overall rating Excellent   *****
Kept me well-informed and provided prompt attention to our filing deadline which was quickly approaching. She was very receptive to my concerns while still providing her professional, legal opinion. I feel I was well-represented, my fees were reasonable, and I now have greater knowledge regarding the post-secondary child support process for my children.

– Responsive, Professional Representation

Posted by a Criminal Defense client, April, 2013.

Overall rating Excellent   *****
We contacted after a warrant was issued for my son on a check he had written for groceries prior to his moving out of state for work. He was unaware that the check had not cleared his account, during a background check on a job it came up with a warrant for his arrest. He immediately contact the local police department and paid the outstanding amount clearing the debt but the prosecutor still wanted him to appear in person in court. He had just started a new job and was 1000 miles away, he also has a new baby and could not take time away from the new job to travel back for an appearance in court. We found this webpage and sent her an email and copies of the warrant and receipt from paying the debt. She responded within an hour, took the case and appeared the next day in court for my son getting a dismissal of the case. Your quick response saved time and money and gave us peace of mind. We would use her services again without hesitation.

– Highly recommend Christine Bennett

Posted by melissa, a Criminal Defense client, December, 2012.

Overall rating Excellent   *****
Worked very hard to help my son, in a case where she was an appointed attorney. She took my son’s case clear through to trial and researched law in other cases to help him with his case. I felt that she was fully invested in getting the best outcome for him, regardless of whether she was appointed or hired by me. She was very knowledgeable about the law that affected my son and used everything at her disposal to help him legally. She also kept him and myself informed of everything that was happening in the case. I highly recommend her legal services.
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